Saturday, December 31, 2022

Zombicide Invader - Brood Mother

The Brood Mother and its brood are one of my favorite abominations as far as how they operate.  The concept of the Brood Mother getting close and then spawning a flood of little ones is pretty neat.  We've used this abomination in a couple games early on before anything was painted and we gave it a lot of attention and got rid of it before it ever had a chance to release its spawn.  

I'm not exactly sure what creature(s) from what games/movies this is similar to, but it reminds me a bit of Halo where I recall dozens of little creatures coming out of larger beasts.

The first step in processing these models was to chop off the unsightly posts that help them stay on the bases.  I'm sure one or more of them will eventually come off the base, but so far, I've only had one leg of the Brood Mother come off during painting.  The little ones have four legs glued to the bases so I think they'll be ok, but the Brood Mother itself only has three legs glued down and has two magnets to hold it in the storage.  I may take one of the magnets off just so it won't take so much force to pull it out of the box.

This is the first group of models that I've painted using primarily an airbrush.  There is still some fine-tuning and improving to do on this tool, but they turned out fairly well I believe.  The spawn models are almost 100% painted with the airbrush with only a touch of edge highlighting to finish them up.  The Brood Mother itself was entirely base-coated with the airbrush, but I did incorporate several techniques to finish it off including some spot washes (primarily some dark tone to give the shells on the back of the Brood Mother some more definition as well as the back tentacles), dry-brushing, and edge highlighting.  

I received the Vajello Model Air and Game Air paint sets for Christmas which inspired the use of the airbrush on these.  The paints are very nice and I look forward to using them on some more models!

They turned out to be a decent representation of the reference art and I'm fairly happy with that.

Paints used on this model:

Next up on the workbench:


  1. You continue to knock it out of the park with these guys! I love the colours scheme and am excited to hear about your airbrush work as I just got a proper compressor for Christmas (I have been using one of those cheap airbrushes with micro-compressor). Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Up to now, I've really enjoyed using the airbrush for zenithal priming. I've had a decent airbrush (Badger Renegade Velocity) for several years, but had only really used it for some of my Rhodesian vehicles. It was nice to finally overcome my reluctance/fear of primarily painting a non-vehicle model with an airbrush.

      I hope you enjoy your new compressor! The work on your blog is most excellent and I look forward to what you do next!