Monday, December 25, 2023

Zombicide 2nd Edition: Supernatural

These were painted up as a gift to my son-in-law who watched the Supernatural series with his brother.  I hadn't heard of the series at the time this expansion came out and had sort of given up trying to collect every modern Zombicide expansion so had to find Pack 3 on a site that buys up a bunch of pre-order/Kickstarter exclusives and makes a bit of a profit.  The price was better than what could be found on eBay so I'm thankful I was at least able to get them.  I ended up getting a set for myself as well because I do think the miniatures are pretty neat and I started watching the series which I find enjoyable.  

These miniatures were really fun to paint.  Not a ton of gear and other complexities attached - mostly jackets & pants - both of which are a great canvas for the subtle color variations oil paints are great at.  For the most part, the sculpts are quite excellent.  The only exception is, oddly, the clenched fists of the brothers.  Since their fists are basically their 'weapon', I'm surprised more attention to those details wasn't taken.  I basically had to 'paint on' fingers of their right hands which was met with some degree of success, but certainly not ideal.  Other than that, the faces have great detail and the multi-part arms of some of the minis reduced the amount of mold lines to trim to a minimum.  There were some excessive gaps to fill where the parts joined together, but that was easily fixed with some acrylic putty and certainly easier than having to deal with additional mold lines.

I do find it strange that there seemed to be no shortage of weaponry used by the brothers - at least in the first few episodes that I've seen, yet not a blade, gun, or bludgeon is seen on any of the 11 sculpts in this set.  I saw someone added a knife or two to the brothers, but haven't seen any mention of why they were created with none.  I don't really mind as it was an interesting departure from what is present in the core 2nd edition set where it looks like each character has several weapons slapped onto their body.  

As I mentioned, these were a lot of fun to paint and I'm looking forward to getting around to painting my set up as well!