Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Driller Blitzers


Driller Blitzers are a hybrid between a Tank and a Hunter.  Strong as a Tank and fast as a Hunter is a fairly dangerous combination.  Combined with a Pit to take cover in, these like fast abominations and very difficult to dispatch from range when in numbers.

Finishing these off means finishing the entirety of the Zombicide Invader Kickstarter plus a few extras - including a second set of Blitzers to give a total of 12.  Just having 6 of them would require removing some of the spawn cards or facing an increase in Abomination rush-related deaths which are no fun at all.  Doubling the number should allow for at least a couple groups of these beasts on the board at once before running out.

I blended some orange around the edges to help set these off a bit from the standard Driller Tanks.  The red ring should be sufficient, but I felt these needed a little extra.

Paints used on these models:

Monday, June 26, 2023

Zombicide Invader: Driller Tanks


Driller Tanks are similar to the standard Tank, but when taking cover in a pit, they turn into little abominations.  Without using some of the special weapons available in Dark Side, these could be a bit of an issue - at least when trying to deal with them at range.  

These took about twice as long to paint as a single Driller Worker or Hunter which makes sense since they have at least twice the surface area than either of its smaller cousins.  I'm not extremely happy with how the yellow stripes turned out - mostly because I knew I could have done better if I took a little more time with them.  Truthfully, I have been rushing myself a bit on these as there are a lot of other models from different games that I'd like to paint and don't want to be painting Drillers for the next couple of months.  All in all, I think they turned out fairly well for rank-and-file creatures.

Paints used on these models: