Monday, April 24, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Sister Eva Dean

Well, this character was not easy to come by.  I didn't know it existed until by accident I happened to see mention of it on  Apparently, this model was part of a promo reward for a Kickstarter for the Dice Tower.  Giving away exclusive promos of 'official' Invader characters through other Kickstarters unrelated to Invader - or even any other CMON product seems pretty crappy.  It is especially crappy when it isn't a Kickstarter I ever saw any mention of until literally years after it ended.  It is one thing to have crossover packs for what I consider non-official characters, but Eva was specifically made for Invader and should be more readily available - or at least better advertised - to Kickstarter backers of the core game.  Needless to say, eBay prices are not kind and I wasn't very happy to pay them for the sake of completeness.  Anyway...that is the end of my ranting...on to the regular posting.

Eva has been said to be an homage to Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games.  There are definitely some photos of the Katniss braid and the character is female so I guess it could be a reasonable assumption.  The character also has some powerful ranged skills that also line up with the archer archetype. 

Oddly, I somehow forgot to take any workbench photos...  From memory, I know I used Perylene Black as the primary glaze for any green areas along with Asphaultum for the gold/brown/flesh areas.  The usual Terra Rosa + Brilliant Yellow Pale was used to finish off the flesh and Indian Yellow for the armor sections.