Sunday, April 2, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Plague Gang


The Plage Gang - all 5 of them.  You mean 6, right?  No, five.  Oh.

No idea why there are not six members to this gang like every other gang in the game, but five is what they came up with.  Perhaps they considered the ability to search in all zones - even hallways and exterior zones - to be powerful enough to expect that scenarios should use just five characters instead of the standard six.  That is kind of irrelevant to me and the gaming group since we generally run all the scenarios with just four characters to increase the challenge.

These minis all used a similar palette, are obviously related, and were all painted over two days so again I've included them in a single update.  Plus, I'm becoming much more efficient with the oils and have found that I'm able to paint them quite a bit faster and I've been accidentally missing some of my photo-taking responsibilities.  I don't have some of the paints used photos, some pre-sealing photos, or any of the primed photos...  I think I'll skip the 'Next on the workbench' section as the plain gray priming probably isn't really worth taking a photo of.

These guys (and gal) were fun to paint and went very quickly.  I like the common blue protective suits which nicely tie them together.  Macintyre gave provided the opportunity to try the oils out to weather his weapon - which is what oils are generally considered as most commonly used for.  I tried not to go overboard with it and as expected, they do indeed work really well.  

As far as skills go, some of these have some fairly rare skills (Camoflague, Ambidextrous, Shove) as yellow skills which could be nice.  

Trouble with Oils

These were a bit slow to cure - and still have a little residue when wiped with a sponge in certain areas.  Again, Winton Panye's Grey was the pre-glaze in the problem areas.  I went ahead and sealed them with the hope that it doesn't cause any issues.

On the workbench photos:

Paints used on these models:

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