Friday, April 14, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Dr. Whutt

Dr. Whutt has Remote Control: Sentry Gun as a blue skill which generally is not the most useful skill.  He also has the ability to control the bot at orange which is generally a much more useful skill.  He does have the option for an additional general action or Xeno Link which are actually useful with his remote control skills.

Following Morty, Dr. Whutt is an homage to Back to the Future's Dr. Emmett Brown.  The face and hair alone mirror that of the good doctor.  I'm not exactly sure how the 'Doctor Octopus' machinery on his back applies to this homage, but as with many characters released by CMON several personalities are covered in a single character.  

Dr Whutt (Brown) paired with his cohort Morty (Marty)
Thanks Doc - I sure could use a soda pop!

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