Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Lara


Lara turned out not-so-great the first time around.

The model was not fun to paint the first time, but I did learn quite a bit and the second round worked out better I believe. Overall there is a lot of skin to paint, but the already fine features are chopped up by the webbing into little bits here and there making it difficult.  

+1 to Dice Roll Combat at Blue is quite a powerful skill and sets the foundation for an extra combat action at Orange and another die in combat at Red.  This makes for a very flexible general combat powerhouse.  

Lara looks to be an homage to Leeloo from The Fifth Element.  I'm not sure why she is flashing her badge as I don't think it is going to slow down the Xenos...kind of an odd pose.

Lara had a bit of a traumatic experience... Her pants refused to cure even after weeks - I'm not sure if I again used Winton Payne's Grey as the pre-glaze for the pants, but it is entirely possible.  Regardless, after several weeks of tests, her pants were still not cured and I'd made quite a mess of them with all of the sponge testing.  Her skin was a mess to begin with and I really didn't like how it looked overall.  So...into the bag of Extreme Simple Green and the Ultrasonic cleaner she went.  My first 'stripped' mini...usually, I just move on and accept sub-optimal results, but the bad look and wet oil made the decision for me.  

Here are the photos pre-strip:

The last of her flesh ripped off

Here are the photos on the workbench after the second try:

Paints used on this model the first time around:

Paints used on this model the second time:

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