Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Zombicide Invader - Drake

"Drake" is the 'heavy' member of the Dark Side Green Squad.  Many of the same techniques used on Miranda were used here as well including glazing parts of the armor.  I found the helmet sculpt/cast a bit 'messy' making it tough to paint and actually missed painting a face. 

Learning from the previous model, I started with the Angel Green less thinned down.  This led to establishing a 'base' coat much more quickly.  I was a bit confused on the back of the legs and didn't really do much with glazing there and since it is all curved, there wasn't anything to do with edge highlights either.  I probably could have spent more time with the armor, but it definitely has the 'good enough' look to it.  

Paints used on this model:

Next up on the workbench:

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