Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Zombicide Invader - Stepmother Abomination

Well, after an extended time of "painter's block", I finally worked up the courage to paint this Abomination.  The idea of a 'mobile spawn point' seems really neat and could add some additional variety as well as increase the difficulty a bit.  The Juggernaut Abomination really adds some "un, oh" moments to the game and this one has the potential to do so as well.  

I was stuck trying to figure out how to paint this figure using the drybrush technique used on the Juggernaught.  I really liked how "The Jugg" turned out, but really wasn't sure how to start from drybrushing with this model.  Blue and purple washes were used to apply the 'base coat' over the zenithal prime followed by a light drybrush.  

The paint scheme ended up being based more off of the Duke of the Blood Keep's style than the game art - mostly accidentally.  I was using his work as a reference and when I finally had the motivation to dive in, I didn't look back at the reference photo.

I think the paint scheme turned out well enough, but I do have some regret that it isn't more like the game art as I've really tried to keep the rest of the models as close as possible.  It seems as though the past couple Abominations have both drifted a bit color-wise.

The weird thing about this model rules-wise is that it spawns Workers.  Well, there must have been some confusion with the artists because the creatures crawling out of the back of this thing are neither Workers nor Hunters, but rather some mix of the two.  Perhaps they are spawned as under-developed Hunters who have not yet grown enough to gain their second activation and thus represented by Workers...we'll go with that.

One point of confusion on the rules is if only the first card is drawn from the spawn deck or if cards are continued to be drawn until a worker card is found.  I've seen people talk about playing it both ways.  For me, it seems the intention of the rules is to just draw the next card from the spawn deck and if it is a Worker, spawn them, otherwise just ignore it and nothing additional spawns on the Stepmother zone that round.

These are the 'mostly finished' photos minus the goo and gloss which had yet to be applied after the Testors Dull Cote had cured.

Paints used on this model:
Next up on the workbench:

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