Thursday, September 1, 2011

African Termite Mounds

Here is a shot of some termite mounds I made up using Sculptamold.   I mixed it up a bit thick - cookie dough consistency - and stirred in paint (Delta Mudstone + TerraCotta) then took small clumps of it and built the initial core which looks like an upside down ice cream cone.  The core actually makes good abandoned mounds or ones that have been ravished by anteaters by the way.  I let the cores dry and then added additional clumps of Sculptamold.  I looked at a few reference photos and tried to make them look similar.  As the outer layer dried, I poked a few holes here and there and made a few 'trails' using a dental pick.  For some of the larger mounds, I substituted the 'core' layer with carved pink foam to save on Sculptamold and time.  This stuff dries extremely hard resulting in some very durable terrain.

The tall grass is natural bailing twine (vs the plastic stuff) meticulously planted a few blades at a time with a tweezers.  This terrain piece measures 2'x1' and is part of my 3'x4' game board I plan on using at the Fields of Honor gaming convention.

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