Thursday, May 11, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Empusa

Empusa was a fun and quick character to paint.  The Perelyne Black is really fun to work with and lends itself well to blending with Radient Green and the Oxide of Chromium.  Skill-wise, the focus of this character is to be able to move around the board undetected.  Camouflage at Blue lays the way for speeding through missions.  Predator at Orange allows Empusa to chew through large groups of Xenos in hand-to-hand which paves the way for the red skill of Unstoppable.  Camoflague combined with Unstoppable allows this character to wander the board freely with no concern of being attacked.  That combination could 'break' some missions, but if there are other characters playing the mission, the challenge will become ensuring the others remain alive to avoid defeat.

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