Friday, May 19, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Driller Workers


The Driller Workers are the most numerous of the Driller Xenos with 43 in total.  They were fairly fast to paint at around 15 minutes each.  I probably could have spent more time highlighting or more carefully applying the red, but I didn't want to be painting Drillers for the rest of the year and believe that how they turned out was a good compromise.  

Another shortcut that I don't regret was to completely skip removing the mold lines.  Most of them are hidden by the painting technique and dark colors anyway.  There is so much texture on these guys that trying to remove some of the mold lines would result in doing more harm than good.  Trying to go through and get rid of all the mold lines would have likely doubled the time-per-mini.  Generally, I don't mind putting in the extra effort for characters and other unique figures.  I even cleaned up the original Invader Xenos as for the most part the textures were far less affected and a clean removal was possible.  Anyway...glad to have saved time on these.

As with all Drillers, the pits can result in these guys providing an increased challenge due to the +1 damage required to put each of them down.  

Workbench photos:

Black Spinel Preglaze, Wiped with sponges, Napthol Red 'drybrush'

Paints used on this model:

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