Monday, May 25, 2015

Zombicide - Vehicles!

In preparation for the Zombicide 3D terrain I have planned, I tried to round up some vehicles that were close to the right scale.  I first looked around at the local train store since the Zombicide figures are close to O-Scale, but the selection was limited and what they did have was very high priced.  I was, however, able to find several options on eBay:

1/42 scale Police Car
The Police car is a little too big for the figures, but definitely close enough to look good on the board. The front doors open which is a nice touch.  The only issue is that it has a pull-back-release mechanism inside that works a little too well.  It is cool to blast through unpainted plastic, but I wouldn't want it running all over the board banging into painted minis and eventually buildings.  Nothing a drop of super-glue won't fix...

1/42 scale Helicopter
Although the scale is the same as the police car, the helicopter looks closer to the right size for the game.  Both large and small side doors open which is pretty cool.  This isn't exactly the same type of helicopter that is in Zombicide - this one is intended to hold more passengers.  I like that though because the whole team can fit and arrive on the scene of various scenarios.  The Helicopter also comes with a plastic stand that it sticks onto which should allow it to "fly" though the streets.

1/43 scale Passenger Van
While not an official Zombicide vehicle with a cardboard template, I wanted something that could hold more characters for some custom scenarios.  I really like the look of the van and it will look even better with some gore hanging out of the grill.  Only the back doors open, but it is a little small to actually stuff the figures in.

1/48 scale FedEx truck

I thought this truck would work great in a couple scenarios I have in mind.  The plan is to run this game at a local gaming convention and I think the players would get a kick out of running around the board in a FedEx truck.  The scale is pretty close and it still fits in a single road section.  The back door opens and figures can fit inside, but I plan to make a cardboard template to keep on the side of the board for characters to 'sit' in.

I received the vehicles below off of eBay.  Compared to the police car, van, and FedEx truck they look a little small.  Alone with a character miniature they do look acceptable.  The beetle looks a little larger than the scale the other two cars are, but again, looks ok with just a figure.

1/50th scale VW Beetle (Hippie Mobile)

1/50th scale Cadillac Coupe (Pimp Mobile)

1/50th scale Dodge Challender (Muscle Car)

No idea if any doors open on any of these, but the scale should be good.  As with all of the vehicles, I plan to keep the cardboard templates that come with the game off the board (probably in front of the player who is the driver) to keep track of who is where.  Unfortunately magnets don't stick to Die Cast metal so the characters (and Zombies) can't just be stuck to the tops & sides of the vehicles...

I do not really care for the official vehicle rules so I took the encouragement from Guillotine Games and made up some house rules.  Here is a link to the PDF if you are interested.

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