Friday, October 20, 2023

The Witcher: Old World - Wild Hunt

 Mounted Eredin






All the Wild Hunt summed up in one posting.  There were a few sessions to get these all painted, but they are obviously related so summarizing them in one blog post.  The OSL on Eridin didn't exactly turn out as I had envisioned and the fluorescent pigment-based oils were not overly impressive.

The various plants are a bit out of the 'norm' and may not be considered as something that really 'belongs' in the Wild Hunt context.  My thoughts are that the Wild Hunt doesn't really belong in the Witcher context as they are invading from another dimension.  They bring the icy cold with them, covering everything in their path including poor mushroom and leafy plant bystanders.  I really like the various plants and think the ice/snow effects look pretty neat covering them.  

The plants are all 3d printed STLs by Epic Basing and the snow is crushed glass from Armoured Wolf mixed with Golden Heavy Gloss Gel.

The single and double hounds were each done in pairs, but back-to-back.  

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