Monday, July 24, 2023

The Witcher: Old World - Fiend

This three-eyed relation to the elk was a fun-to-paint miniature.  

Some of these photos were posted to Facebook in a thread discussing oils and if beginners to the hobby should consider them or if the oils are better suited for painters with previous acrylic experience.  While there is certainly some things to learn before jumping into oils (or any other hobby/technique), I believe oils are well suited to any level of hobbyist from novice to expert.  

For this figure, I decided to take photos of the various steps of the oil process I am learning from James Wappel.  Hopefully, the simple steps listed here spark enough interest to check out James' YouTube or Twitch streams.  He also has a Patreon with additional tutorials focused on oil painting miniatures.  I highly recommend watching a few videos and considering trying out oil paints.  It really changed the hobby for me making the whole miniature painting process more enjoyable and relaxing.  

Step 1: Preglaze
Step 2: Wipe away pre-glaze with makeup sponges
Step 3: Add highlights
Usually, Step 3 is to 'drybrush' the highlights, but in this case, the preglaze color is the same as I wanted the basic color to be.  I added in some more dark tones after/during the highlights.  

Paints used on this miniature:

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