Monday, December 5, 2022

Zombicide Invader - Commander Amadi

Commander Amadi is a neat character.  It was a bit of a pain to paint the many bits of equipment and multiple layers of clothing he has all over his body, but overall I'm fairly happy with how he turned out.  I did envision the yellow to turn out a bit better, but I didn't have a dark enough yellow to start with as the base to work up from and made the mistake of trying to do a light brown wash.  That just made it look dirtier than intended.  

Not sure about a specific homage on this one. Bane out of "The Dark Knight Rises" was mentioned on BoardGameGeek, but nothing that seems obvious to me.

He is quite a force in combat with +1 Die (orange) as well as +1 to dice roll (red) plus Shove at blue just in case things don't go well.  Despite not matching exactly to the character art, I suspect this guy will find his way to the game table on a regular basis.  

Paints used on this model:

Next up on the workbench:

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