Monday, May 7, 2012

Game Conventions 2012

Fields of Honor Spring 2012 came and went in March.  Although I was out of town for most of it, I was back in time to partake in the free pizza provided by Chamber of Champions (facebook) on Saturday night.  It takes quite a lot of pizza to feed a large room full of gamers and Scott & the rest of the crew met the challenge and even had a slice or two left over. 

DemiCon 2012 came and went in early May.  I ran Traps and Treasure on Saturday afternoon and it went ok.  There were other tournaments (MtG, XBox COD) that most of the players had already pre-registered for which made the miniatures game sort of a side thing.  Neither game which we started was finished due to the bulk of the players having to run off to the tournaments they had already committed to as players or organizers. Hopefully the few that did see and/or play through the Crescent Moon had a good time.