Thursday, August 25, 2022

Zombicide Invader - Mission 9 - Uninvited Guests

Mission 9 - Uninvited Guests

With all of the core set painted up, it was great to have the opportunity to play a 3-player game of Zombicide Invader.  The custom SciFi terrain worked out very well.  The 3D files are available for free if you are interested in printing up some for yourself.  

This mission was picked because I wanted to take advantage of the scientist companions that I had painted up earlier.  They replaced the cardboard squares and added some nice visual interest to what our heroes were protecting.

This post will not be a lot of text, but mostly pictures of the game-in-progess.

Part of the team hung around the starting zone and kept the evacuation route clear.  The turret came in very handy to knock down the Abomination as it lumbered down the hall.

The Peacekeeper Bot brings up the rear, controlled by Mitsuki safely nestled in the starting zone.

The scientists were closely escorted down the hallway with characters on all sides.

The Xeno tanks flanking the Peacekeeper Bot and Jared are about as close as any came to even get a glimpse of the scientists making their way to the exit.

The hallway was long, but the end is near.

A couple workers pop up in one of the rooms, but were no match for the Peacekeeper Bot

Everyone made it back to the exit on the same turn without a scratch.

We played very 'efficiently' and kept our experience in check allowing us to spawn at the Blue level for 3/4 of the game.  This scenario was noted as 'Hard', but worked out quite easily for us.

Perhaps something to experiment with to add some more challenge would be to have every character start with 6 experience points.  This would get more Xenos in the mix earlier in the game as it would push the team into yellow the first time someone takes out a Xeno.  While it may sound like an advantage to start with experience, it is actually an advantage to stay in Blue as long as possible - which is sometimes too easy to do.

We had a great time and look forward to playing another scenario soon!

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