Thursday, July 7, 2022

Zombicide Invader - Falchion Turrent

It has been a while since posting any updates here.  I've been busy with a sci-fi terrain project which I'll add a separate posting on.  The terrain project is intended for use in any sci-fi game system, but it was designed with Zombicide Invader in mind.  This short post focuses on the painting of the Falchion turret available in many of the core Zombicide Invader missions.

My plan is to eventually paint all of the models from the Invader Kickstarter which ended a few years back.  

I'll try to stick to the game art when possible for any future models in this series I paint.  For this model, I decided to skip the various flags and other artwork depicted in the rule book just to keep things a bit more simple and less busy looking.

Although it isn't obvious with the results here, I've been experimenting with Zenithal Highlighting using an airbrush instead of the standard white primer from a rattle can.  While this model didn't benefit a lot from the natural shading of this priming approach, the resulting prime from the airbrush is much more smooth and controlled than that of the rattle can.  I didn't take a primed photo, but I used Black Vallejo Surface Primer as the base layer followed by While Vallejo Surface Primer to give the initial highlight layer.

Airbrush Zenithal priming was a fairly easy process and fun to do and I'm planning to follow this approach for all of the characters and machines for Invader.
Here is a shot of the various paints I used.  Looks like a lot for such a simple model, but a few bottles are washes and other extras.  You can see the Rinse Well in the background - a highly recommended tool to add to anyone's painting toolbelt.  Just to the right of the photo, is the Wet Pallete which I also find very useful for miniature painting.

A shot off the workbench and on the game table - surrounded by the sci-fi terrain (which I'll feature in a different blog post).

In many ways, Zombicide Invader is my favorite of the Zombicide series.  If you're interested in picking up a copy, you can check your local game store, get it for a good price at MiniatureMarket if you can find it in stock, or you can find it on Amazon.

I'm not sure how many people read blogs anymore given the rise of YouTube videos over the years, but figured documenting my progress would be helpful to me and perhaps someone else who happens across this page.

Next up on the workbench...


  1. I just came across your blog and am so glad I did! I'm loving the coverage of your progress through Zombicide Invader (a game I bought with the Kickstarter years ago but have yet to get to). Your blog is inspiring me to bust it out!

    1. Thank you for the comment and returning the favor of inspiration to keep the blog going! If you're a fan of Zombicide in general, I think you'll really enjoy Invader. As I've mentioned a few times throughout my posts, Invader is my favorite of the franchise.

      Thanks again for the comment - it is nice to know a few people are finding the blog interesting and it isn't just documenting my progress for just my own benefit. ;)