Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eureka 1970's Rhodesian Miniatures

All of the figures for the Force on Force games I plan to run at Fields of Honor on Saturday September 24th are painted and ready to go. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the ZANLA turned out, but unfortunately my paint job on the RLI leaves a bit to be desired...  I couldn't figure out how to properly do the camo pattern and they are so packed with stuff (pouches, packs, webbing straps, canteens, etc) and are wearing shorts, there isn't much camo to paint.  The Caucasian skin didn't go well for me at all.  Since I planned on painting them as 'blacked up' with camo cream, I didn't spend much time on the skin.

Anyway, I really like the sculpts except for one small detail.  There are no eyes!  I'm not sure why they were sculpted with empty eye sockets.  I suppose I could have somehow filled them in with putty, but I was in a time crunch and skipped it.  The painted examples on Eureka's site didn't do anything with the empty sockets either so I don't feel so bad following suit.

Without further ado, here are some photos of the figures.  You can click on them to get a larger version.

1970's ZANLA Guerillas (28mm)

ZANLA Guerillas armied armed with AK-47s

ZANLA Guerillas armed with RPG-7, RPD, and AK-47s

Stop 1 armed with FN-FALs and MAG58 - Front
Stop 1 - Back
 1970's Rhodesian Light Infantry (28mm)

Stop 2

Stop 3 - Stick leader missing an antenna...I somehow couldn't find my wire...

Well, that is all for now.  Now to work on some air support...

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