Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aircraft Stand - WIP

Yet another parallel project, I'm working on some aircraft stands so the helicopters and airplane can be seen circling the battlefield.  They are actually fairly simple to make assuming one can find the correct parts.  The key to the whole thing is the Magnetic Pickup Tool.  I picked up a few of these at Harbor Freight Tools for $3.99 a piece.  The great part about these is the articulating end right before the magnet.  That should allow the aircraft to be positioned in various ways.  Plastic isn't magnetic you say?  Fortunately I remembered to glue a small washer on the inside floor of both models.

The magnets on the pickup tool is probably strong enough to hold the light plastic model kits I'm using, but I've got some much stronger magnets that I'll stick on the end of them.  I'll also add a small piece of fabric/felt on the magnet so it doesn't scratch up the bottom of the aircraft.

Anyway, here are the items necessary to build the stand:
  • Magnetic Pickup Tool
  • Large heavy washers
  • 1/8" hardboard (or other appropriate base)
  • Liquid Nails (not pictured)
  • Sculptalmod (not picutred)

You'll also need a caulking gun for the Liquid Nails and a jig/scroll saw to shape the base.

Another great feature of this particular magnetic pickup tool is that the bottom unscrews to allow you to remove the shirt clip AND to allow for gluing down of the little screw.  The telescoping part can now be removed from the heavy base for ease of storage and transport. You can see the little screw stuck in the center of the Liquid Nails.
Next, I'll cover the base in Sculptamold and build it up a bit around the telescoping pickup tool to give it a little more stability.  With some paint and ground cover, it should work well!

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