Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The Witcher: Old World - Werewolf


The werewolf turned out fairly well, but the resulting skin colors weren't exactly what I had intended.  I tried to follow James Wappel's YouTube video on a fairly similar model (well, it was at least a werewolf with white fur which is what I was going for).  It wasn't clear to me exactly what he used for the pre-glaze on the skin until much later in the video and I mistakenly used Burnt Umber.  The end result looks pretty decent in my opinion, but it was a struggle to fight the brown back with the white.  

This is a nicely sculpted model and was fun to paint other than my previously mentioned struggles with shifting the color to more closely match what James did in his video.  

The Epic Basing Reeds added a nice touch of color and some additional interest to the base.

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