Friday, July 7, 2023

The Witcher: Old World - Rock Troll


The Rock Troll was great fun to paint.  As opposed to struggling with making the colors come out like I envision them to, the skin tones came out exactly as I hoped with very little blending effort.  My goal was to come close to the reference photo, but a little less bright and I think that was fairly well accomplished.

In general, this model is well sculpted, but I had a little trouble bringing out the details in the face.  There wasn't much separation between the tongue and the teeth.  Other than that, the belly 'rolls' were a pleasure to paint.  The rocks kind of painted themselves with most of the work done after wiping off the initial pre-glaze.

Looking at the reference photo, I immediately knew what colors would work together to produce a similar result.  That was a pretty good feeling as I'm gaining some experience with how the various colors behave.  I did have a lot of practice through the Zombicide Invader adventure, but much of that was 'just try something and see how it comes out'.  This was more of a 'hey, I know how to make it look like that'.   
I decided to time myself on this one since after I've finished painting a model, I usually have forgotten when I started.  For this one it took about 19 minutes to go from primer to pre-glaze which includes applying the pre-glaze (Van Dyke Brown and Indigo), waiting for a couple minutes, and then wiping it with the makeup sponges.
From primer to the photos below, it took a total of just over 2 hours.  That is pretty fast for me, especially with a larger model.

I really like the addition of the little Epic Basing Spotted Mushrooms.  They add an extra touch of color and I think they look really neat.

I do want to mention how much I enjoy using the Gamblin Hansa Yellow Deep.  It is a very cooperative color adding a pleasant yellow hue to anywhere it is applied without being so overpowering as something like Indian Yellow can be.  Layering it over itself can produce a very intense yellow, but over other colors, it blends very well.  Combined with Napthol Red, it produces a nice orange tone as can be seen in the transition on the belly as well as a bit on the mushrooms.  

Paints used on this model:

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