Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Witcher: Old World - Toad

The Toad is a neat, but terrifying-looking beast.  Toads shouldn't have teeth...or an extra set of little dangling front legs.  The oil paints really proved useful on this one.  Most of this model was painted in an hour.  I looked at the clock after feeling fairly pleased with the results and was very surprised that it had only been an hour - I was still having a lot of fun with it so I added some more highlights and worked on the mouth a bit more before calling it done in under two hours.  

I had used the Gamblin Green Gold oil paint before as the primary color of the strip of clothing on Zombicide Invader's Commander Morton and wasn't overly impressed with it.  Although it looked fine and kind of matched the game art color, it was just kind of a strange color to apply and use.  However, used to blend with Perylene Black (very dark green) and Asphaultum (dark reddish brown), it really is spectacular!  It brings a very rich greenish-yellow hue to what it is mixed with.  It can be most noticed around the midsection of the Toad and on the tops of the 'warts'.  I had a discount code to use which brought the price down a bit, but it was still kind of stupid expensive for a tube of it, but it really turned out to be excellent in this case.  I'm curious if Indian Yellow would have done something similar, but I've only got one Toad.  

I've given a shout-out to James Wappel before, but once again, I thank him for completely revitalizing the art of miniature painting for me.  The oil paints and techniques he uses are very much a delight to use.  

Paints used on this model:

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