Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farmhouse Project WIP - Update 6 - Experiments

Not a whole lot to report other than the wall seams have been filled with clay.  I'll try to get a close-up photo at some point.  They came out pretty well and certainly should blend right in once painted.

A couple painting tests are in progress, but not much to show with them yet.  I've not found anything that really works yet, but there are still a couple more experiments I have in mind that could be promising.  Once I get something that passes the first glance test, I'll get something posted on here.

Painting isn't the only experiment going on.  Using Envirotex Lite Pour-On Resin, a couple of the window panes have been filled with 'glass'.  The panes haven't been painted as they will need to be before doing the real thing since the purpose is to just get a feel for how to use the product.  It is good practice to try out unfamiliar materials before using them on a piece of terrain that you've got some time invested in.  It turns out you really don't need much resin at all to cover each pane.  The large pane I tried has way too much resin and it started seeping out from under the frame.  Two frames were simply placed on wax paper - we'll see if the other one seeps under as well.  The third frame in this test was secured down with double-stick tape to help prevent the under-seepage.  In another day or so we'll know if that was a good idea or if the resin reacts poorly with the tape.  That is the only obvious drawback so far to this product - it takes 24 hours to set up and another couple days to fully cure.  The odor is very low and there is plenty of pot life to work with so as long as patience and schedule permit, this stuff isn't so bad.

Sorry for the boring update  - I'll add some photos in to this post before too long...

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