Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My first experience with the 'hairspray method' of weathering.

Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure how I ended up with the crackling effect.  My theory is that the hairspray layer was too thick, my final coat was too thick, or a combination of both.  More experimentation will be required to know for sure... 

Here is a quick summary of the "Hairspray Method":
  1. Paint basecoat of rust colors (spray or brush, acrylic or enamel)
  2. Seal with a non-water based clear sealer
  3. Spray with hairspray
  4. Spray acrylic overcoat (with an airbrush so the hairspray doesn't melt away prematurely) the color the piece would be when 'new'
  5. Using a stiff bristled brush, wet the areas you want to have worn and brush away the overcoat to reveal the rust
 Here is the tutorial I tried to follow:  http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=48166

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