Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A simple, yet effective radio.  I started with a .5"x.5"x.25" smooth block from HirstArts and added some styrene 'knobs'.  For the wire I stripped apart a worn out PC fan's wire to reveal the tiny wires within.  After twisting two of them together, I coiled them around a larger wire and panted it black.

The chairs are made from 1/4" wire fencing.  Nine squares were cut out in a long strip and bent to form the legs, back, and seat so no gluing is necessary for the frames.  The pads are Sclupey painted green,  given a coat of Future Floor Finish to produce a 'vinyl' shine, and then a sepia wash to age them a bit.  Weathering of the chairs followed the same pattern as the tables.

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