Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Mutfruit


Mutfruit?  I'm actually not sure what these plants are supposed to be, but by golly, these Fallout settlers are growin' them!  It has been too long since I've seen all the plants in the Fallout games and some quick image searches didn't come up with anything that matched these flowering twisted specimens.  The best I could come up with is that they are mutfruit plants in the flowering stage.  

The Saturn resin printer printed these 'crops' out from Modiphius' 3D Printable Plants and Crops for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.  I added some floral wire for the 'braces' that hold up these crazy wasteland plants.  I put together two bases of these fields so they can be put together for a long field or side-by-side for a wide field, or, of course, left as two small separate fields.  I do like how these turned out so maybe I'll put together some more, but the wire braces were a bit tedious to put together.

The 'mood' photos above came out a bit dark...the photos below show the plants in normal lighting and the details can be better made out.  

Paints used:

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