Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Zombie Outbreak - NPCs

More photos and information on the game itself to come, but this posting is focused on the non-player characters (NPCs) in my built-from-the-ground-up tabletop board game called Zombie Outbreak.  These NPCs are interacted with in various ways by the player characters (PCs) during the course of the game. 

I'm very happy with how these HeroForge minis came out.  They were printed on a Saturn 3 Ultra at 24u layer height and using PFA rather than the ACF installed in the vat by default.  I found that ACF slightly reduces resolution and leaves a subtle 'fingerprint' on whatever prints from it.  








Below is a screenshot of the HeroForge renders.  I tried to make the paint schemes match this reference as closely as possible.

I used the 'dark primer' method that I learned from James Wappel using the oil paints.  This method was a lot faster for me than the usual 'preglaze' method and overall easier to get the results I was trying for.

Here are some WIP photos that document the various oil paints I used.  Pardon the slightly untidy spray booth area. ;) 

This photo shows the first step of the 'dark primer' method - a light drybrush of Ice Blue from Richeson.

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