Thursday, May 4, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Flingers


The flingers have the unique ability to shoot back at the characters from range.  These should add a nice variety to the xeno hoards.  Similar to the Xenomoths, I picked up a second set of these to bring the total to 16 to avoid exhausting the supply after two card draws which would result in an abomination rush of extra activations.

These were fun and quick to paint (about 2 hours for each group of 8).  

Post and Pre-wipe of the pre-glaze

Although it slightly diverges from the game art, I did go back and add some blue tint to the lumps next to the spine.  They just seemed to be missing something so I decided to separate the spine from the greenish body a bit.

Paints used on these models:

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