Sunday, April 30, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Lt. Jee-hye

I went back to acrylic paints for this model to maintain a consistent look with the other white armored characters.  Wow...after going back to acrylics after working in oils for so long, I have to say it was a miserable experience.  Frankly, I couldn't wait until I was finished with this model just so I could get back to oils.  Other than perhaps one more model with white armor (the IRIS sentry), this could be the very last model I paint with acrylics.  I do not claim to ever have achieved 'excellence' with acrylics, I was able to get used to several painting approaches and was sort of able to do glazing from a technical perspective even though my patience wouldn't allow enough layers to achieve awesome-looking results.  Tip drying when trying to do eyes was something I had forgotten how terrible it could be.  The only thing I actually like about the acrylics at this point is the metal colors for little tiny bits like the gold details here.  I haven't found a decent metallic oil counterpart...  Ok, one other thing I like is the fast drying time and the ability to use acrylic-painted models basically the next day on the game table. 

I'll likely be selling all of my acrylic paints at some point in the near future.  I seriously can't think of going back to voluntarily using them for anything.  Enough bellyaching on acrylics - I'm just glad there is an alternative!

This model is actually the last of the Kickstarter extras and now all that remains are the six models in the Comic Book Extras v1.  That is until the second round of Comic Book Extras arrive... :) 

It looks like Jee-hye is pretty adept at combat in general with Reaper Combat at Blue and skills at Orange and Red to go either the melee route or ranged.  This model also adds another country-flag model (Korea) to the six I thought completed the 'set'.  

Paints used on this model:

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