Monday, February 20, 2023

Zombicide Invader - Butcher Carl

Combat reflexes can be a surprisingly helpful skill - especially when having to end movement on or near a mold or spawn zone.  Combined with Enhanced Senses, Carl becomes an excellent spawn-defender.

There apparently are quite a few 'pig-man' characters roaming around in video games, tv shows, and comics so I'm not sure there was a specific homage in mind when creating Carl.  Certainly an interesting character concept - if not a bit unsettling if pork is on the menu.  I do, however, know that pigs on the farm don't hesitate to eat one other if one happens to die so I doubt ol' Carl would limit his menu just due to his Porcine 'enhancements'.

I said I wasn't planning on switching over to painting the Invader characters in oils, but the temptation to try them out on a character with a lot of exposed skin won out.  Getting some more practice with the oils before tackling another abomination also played into the decision to go with oils on this one.  

Carl at the pre-glaze stage already looks pretty interesting.
My concerns about painting 'small' miniatures with oils were somewhat alleviated as it turned out that it was quite easy. I really like how this guy turned out and plan to move forward with a mix of oils and acrylics depending on how they fit in.  For example, keep using acrylics for the white armor so they are consistent.

I do still have some reservations about painting any patterns in oils such as on the upcoming Kabuki Gang, but will try to learn what I can before I get to them.

Paints used on this mini:

Next up on the workbench:

(Got too excited and painted Feydra before getting a photo of the primed stage...)

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