Sunday, May 24, 2015

Zombicide - Painting

As with the Toxic Zombies in the previous post, I used another of Sorastro's tutorials to paint the regular Zombies.  For primer I again used Necrotic Flesh and then Army Painter paints for the bulk of the painting.  I painted a few highlights of Necrotic Flesh mixed with white before washing the skin with Strong Tone.

For the clothing I generally used Citadel's Delvian Mud which has unfortunately been they tend to do with many of their colors every few years...  Fortunately, I still had a pot left from a couple years ago which was still in good condition.  Strong Tone is close, but the magical Mud still seems to give a slightly different look.

This time lets start with the 'family photo':

Here are some shots from within the crowd:

Nothing left in the FedEx truck to eat...

I like this guy's lamb chops.

This lady got a purse I made from two-part epoxy.  That should help her stand out among the rest of her sculpt mates.

I opted to cut the plastic off of each runner's foot/knee to give a more realistic look.  I saw someone use a newspaper that was lifting up under the foot in the air which looked nice, but I didn't want to spend the time making fancy bases.  The plastic is plenty strong and one foot should be plenty to keep the figure on the base.

Fancy hair style with a fancy suit. 
I used a Dremel to dig out a portion of this guy's belly before stuffing in some two-part epoxy intestines I sculpted.
Looks like this guy is caught red handed as the perpetrator of the hole in the guy above's belly... 
To get the sweat effect, I watered down some sepia (or Soft Tone) and let a drop of it sit on the white base-coated shirt.  After a few seconds, I used a brush to suck up the drop of wash.  The edges start to dry before the middle which lets the edge of the stain become more prominent.
This guy had an unfortunate accident with the chainsaw...  I didn't really care for the gloves and was looking for a way to mix it up a bit.

Here is a picture of each grouped in its original pose:

Fatty males - adding hair is the biggest addition to break up the monotony.
The jumpsuits can get a little boring if the inside isn't painted a different shade than the rest.  Thank you very much to Teri Litorco for pointing out this simple tip in her YouTube tutorial!

Fatty females.  Even though there are a couple different original sculpts here, it would have been nice if the originals were wearing different clothing styles.  The nightgown/dress just doesn't give them enough of a distinct look.

The abominations turned out pretty well, but probably could use a little gore.  I'll probably go back later and add some blood effects on all the figures.  I'm not sure what sculpter decided it would be cute to add a 'well positioned' thermos hanging between the legs of the abomination on the left...I took the liberty of trimming it off so I could look at the model and see it as a fear inspiring beast that it should be.

Here are the runners.  Lots of arm position changes and hair styles were needed to break up the few unique sculpts.

There are still a lot of female Zombies to paint - most of which have some bit of underwear showing.  I don't mind a couple of them with their skivvies hanging out, but with so few sculpts it just looked a bit odd to have all their dresses blowing open at the same time.  In any case, I did quite a bit of work on all of them with two-part epoxy adding pants, skirts, and dresses.

These were fun (and quick) to paint - I guess that is why there are so many of this sculpt painted.  These also best retained the hot water treatment to alter their poses.  I think it is because I really heated them up and bent them in extreme positions.  Hopefully they don't decide to revert, but they've been like this for a couple months at least...I'll not leave them in a hot vehicle though... ;)

For some reason I only painted one of the sculpts on the far left so I threw him in with these so he wasn't lonely.

Dreadlocks give this guy a distinct look compared to his bald original sculpt.

These guys had minimal hair work and no arm modifications...they are in sync enough to be dancing in Thriller.  I'll have to be sure to do a few more mods to the others of the same sculpt before painting them.

Took off the hat and added hair to one of these guys.  Their arms are basically fused to their bodies making it a bit difficult to do much more with the pose.

I don't mind painting Zombies as they go pretty quick and really add a lot to the game over gray plastic... Hopefully I'll be able to get up enough ambition (and skill) to paint the Survivors.

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  1. These are absolutely amazing, I do not know a whole lot about painting or sculpting but you blew my mind with the possibilities.Love how you used epoxy and the "hot water treatment" to switch it up, truly outstanding work and inspiring!